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Mohair really is the most wonderful fabric to make Vintage or Old Time Bears with. It's like buying a wig, in that it's real hair. The way it works is the more hair per inch the more it costs, the longer the hair the more it costs and so on. It is sooooo easy to work with you will never use synthetic "fake furs" again. We sell our furs in fat quarters that are approximately 18" x 28". This is cut in such a way that you can get a 16" bear or smaller out of the fabric, even when the pattern specifies 1/3 or a yard!

Our Bear Making Club

Medium Density Mohair / Curly Finish / 3/4" Long (Item # MDM)

This mohair is 3/4" long. It a medium density with a curly finish. It a very affordable quality and a great choice for smaller to larger bears. It just works. (Choose Buttercup, Vintage Tan, Antique Honey or Mink - shown in order.) A fat quarter is approximately 18' x 28'.
Price:  Canadian $70.85 


Ultra Sparse Mohair / Curly Matted Finish / 1/2" Long (Item #USCM)

This quality is very versatile. It can be used on small, medium and large bears, all with wonderful results. By doing some brushing of the Curly-Matted finish you can create your own "custom" finish that creates a well loved vintage look. (Choose Sand, Sunshine or Antique Brown - shown in order.) A fat quarter is approximately 18' x 28'.
Price:  Canadian $50.85 


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