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Noses And Paws

Labours Of Love Heirloom Sewing Supplies

Black Pearl Cotton - To stitch the nose, Size 3 (Item # PC3)

Use size #3 pearl cotton for medium to large size bears. 14.63 meters / 16 yd. skein.

Price:  Canadian $2.50 


Pearl Cotton - To stitch the nose, Size 5 (Item # PC5)

Use size #5 pearl cotton for small to medium size bears. 25 meters / 27 yd. skein. Choose Black or Medium Brown

Price:  Canadian $2.50 


Pearl Cotton - To stitch the nose, Size 8 (Item # PC8)

Use Size #8 pearl cotton for smaller bears. (Choose Black, Brown or Dark Brown) 87 yard ball $3.25 each.

Price:  Canadian $3.25 


Imported Glass Sew in Nose, perfect for all bears (Item # Glass Noses)

I was really excited when I saw these. I know alot of you have problems stitching your noses and I do too, it still takes a few tries to get it just right but now we have glass noses that are wonderful. These are perfect to use on real fur bears. They have a sew-in loop on the back just like the glass eyes. (Specify size 6, 8, 14, 16 or 18mm) 6mm - $1.85 each / 8mm - $1.85 each / 14mm - $4.20 each / 16mm - $5.20 each / 18mm - $7.25 each

Price:  Canadian $1.85  


Imported German Merino Virgin Wool Felt (Item #WF)

This is the most traditional choice for foot and paw pads when making old time bears. It's not like to felt at the craft stores - it's like the felt used on hats and coats in the 1900's. Prepackaged 6" x 9" piece. The colour is a very traditional Old Gold.

Price:  Canadian $3.60 


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