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Make A Real Fur Bear

Sticky Cloth & Leather Needles

Labours Of Love Heirloom Sewing Supplies

Bear Making Kits and Our Bear Making Club

Sticky Cloth - the difference between getting that bear together, or not! (Item #SC)

Sticky cloth is sold by the yard and is now 30" wide. When working with real fur coats to make bears this is a life saver. Since real fur splits, tears and stretches when you sew and stuff it - this will save you time and priceless errors on your furs. Simply peel away the paper and stick the pre gummed satin like fabric to the back of the pelts and sew like you normally would. Don't worry, instructions are included and how to use it. It's literally the difference between getting the bear sewn together or not! Use Denim or Leather sewing machine needles. Don't forget your glass nose here!

*** Sticky cloth is sold by the yard but if you order 5 yards or more, we can roll it up for you and send it like a tube so it's a better layout for you without the cuts between each yard. Canada post charges an extra $2.00 for tubes, apparently they roll off their equipment - so we will also add the $2.00 to your postage.

This item is freight intensive and excluded from all FREE SHIPPING OFFERS.

Price:  Canadian $23.00 yd. 

Leather Needles for the Sewing Machine, the perfect choice when working on real furs. (Item # SLN)

For use on leather, artificial leather, real furs, and heavy non-woven synthetic. Has a cutting point. Do not use on knit or woven fabrics. The perfect assortment with 2 size 80/12, 2 size 90/14 and 1 size 100/16, 5 needles total per card.

Price:  Canadian $6.25  

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