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Heirloom Sewing Books Out of Print

Labours Of Love Heirloom Sewing Supplies

The Following Selection of Books Are Out Of Print But Highly Recommended
Gently Used, Is Better Than Nothing!

They come and go from the linked site, so don't give up, just keep checking back they're worth it.

Mimi's Machine Heirloom Sewing, By Mildred Turner, long out of print, to get a copy buy one "used" through the link below.

This book gives you clear, concise, illustrated, step-by-step instruction for all of the techniques used in machine heirloom sewing including pintucks, puffing and lace shaping. You will find everything you need to know about the techniques and how to apply them. Mimi provides you with many collar and sleeve variations that give you an idea of how and where to lace and pintuck variations can be used. There are three full size collar patterns included as well as 34 sleeve variations to use on any basic dress pattern. Soft cover, 138 pages.

Mimi's Machine Heirloom Sewing: Collars, Sleeves and Techniques

Mimi's Heirloom Sewing 2, By Mildred Turner, long out of print, to get a copy buy one "used" through the link below.

This book is filled with new and original techniques used in heirloom sewing. When you're in a spot and can't quite figure out a way to join this or that, this is the book! Thee are church doll patterns with bonnets and collars perfect for practicing your lace shaping on. Learn to shape hearts, diamonds, tear drops, loops and more. Lots of ideas for beautiful hems and yolks. An excellent resource. Mimi's own heart dress fold-out pattern and instructions in child's size 2 - 8 included. Soft cover, 176 pages.

Mimi's Heirloom Sewing Book 2: Lace Shaping

Mimi's Machine Magic, By Mildred Turner, long out of print, to get a copy buy one "used" through the link below.

This book features unique directions for so many techniques, I don't know where to begin. Let's start with "Galaxy of Tucks" which contains 25 topics, next is "Puffing" with 19 topics and a christening gown and slip pattern, on to "Decorative Stitching" which covers another 21 topics including collars, cutwork, edgings, shadow work by machine, how to do little doll collars and that's before we learn to make our own insertions on our machine. Then "Machine Techniques" with 26 topics including all Heirloom Sewing Techniques. Full size patterns included, soft cover, 196 pages.

Mimi's Machine Magic: Book 3: Twin Needles, Wing Needles and More

The New Art Of Peppering By Phillip Pepper - long out of print, to get a copy buy one "used" through the link below.

This book focuses primarily on hemstitching and heirloom work with the wing needle. The information contained is applicable to all machines, not just one brand. you will learn all sorts of new and practical ideas to add the "entredeux" by way of your machine. patterns include an antique pinafore, camisole, dress and collar. 40 pages, 8 full colour.

Peppering: The Artistic Creations of Philip Pepper

French Sewing by Serger, now out of print, to get a copy buy one "used" through the link below.
Have you ever wanted to make a special gift and left it until the last minute? With this book you won't have to stay up all night to make something beautiful! This manual provides the techniques you will need for French Sewing using your serger - fast and easy! Includes patterns and full directions for adult and children's collars, bonnets, lingerie and tote bags, fancy half slip, Battenberg petticoat, camisole and more! Patterns included, 48 pages.

French Sewing by Serger

Heirloom Sewing For Women - now out of print, to get a copy buy one "used" through the link at below.
Ladies blouse pattern in sizes 2 - 24, every style and every collar and sleeve option you could possible imagine. Many blouses are just like what they wore in Victorian times and the patterns are "lifted" from the vintage garments and instructions are clearly given how to recreated these timeless pieces. It's so much easier than you think. Over 27 blouse styles that's before we even begin to tell you about all of the techniques. The techniques included are beginning French sewing by machine, machine entredeux hems, shaped puffing, airplane lace, tied bows, cutwork by machine, Australian windowpane and shadow embroidery by hand. It's a beautiful hard cover with 400 pages, 48 full colour and a large pattern supplement.

Heirloom Sewing for Women: With Free Supplement

Heirloom Sewing For Jack and Jill - now out of print, to get a copy buy it "used" through the link below.
This wonderful book will charm you with beautiful antique clothing and also invite you to look back at styles and patterns from the early and mid - 1900's. There are nine plus patterns for little boys, nine plus patterns for little girls, three generic patterns, three quilts, six plus craft and home decoration projects for kids, and new heirloom techniques that include Madeira Applique, wash away basting, Madeira Motifs, Pinless Lace Shaping - diamonds, bows, circles and scallops, pinless puffing, gathering foot puffing, super easy smocked inserts, and more. There are also 12 smocking plates as well as embroidery and applique designs for children's clothing. It's a hard cover with 416 pages, 48 colour, over 2000 illustrations and a full sized pattern supplement. It's got it all for the little people in your life.

Heirloom Sewing for Jack & Jill

Vintage Baby - By Martha Pullen, Sue Hausmann & Elizabeth Rhodes

Sue Hausmann, Elizabeth Rhodes and Martha Pullen have an invitation for you to enjoy a book they have written especially for you. Three women, drawn into a circle of friendship by their love of sewing and their passion for collecting infant and older babies’ clothing from the Victorian era, have personally selected portions of their cherished private collections to share with today’s world of heirloom sewing and vintage fashion devotees. Each page of this first volume in the new series, Martha Pullen and Friends, brings sewing inspiration for modern interpretations of tomorrow’s heirlooms. Descriptive text, in the voice of each item’s owner, combines with full-color photographs to transport the reader back in time to the discovery and acquisition of each piece. Hardcover, 144 pages, full colourfull size tissue patterns included.

Glorious Linens Published By Martha Pullen

Every piece of antique household linen is a souvenir of another time, when everyday items like towels and tablecloths were lavished with attention through the use if needle and thread. Whether simple or elaborate, the work of a peasant or a professional embroideress, every piece of antique and vintage linen tells a story: a story of artistry and craftmanship, refinement, place, home, tradition, and family. Within these pages, a multitude of linens offers their stories of another world and a simpler time, when linens were a currency of comfort and gentility. Silent sentries that have witnessed the passing of generation upon generation, these linens of staggering beauty enchant a twenty-first century audience with their timeless beauty. Hardcover, 128 pages, full colour.

An Introduction To Machine Cutwork, long out of print, to get a copy buy one "used" through the link below.

Learn to do cutwork with Michelle's easy three step program. She covers cutwork essentials, the satin sitich, edge cutwork, coloured stitching, cutwork on knits, insertion cutwork, richelieu bars, transfering designs, design placement, combining design sections, and tips. She also covers points, curves, tying off threads and how to's for stitching points and curves on an edge. It was a long time in coming but well worth the wait. Seven full size cutwork designs included. 127 pages, 16 full colour.

An Introduction To Machine Cutwork 

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