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Our Bear Club

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"Amber" (15-1/2") is an original creation by Bear Aritist, Sue Ann Holcomb of Texas. This fur was one of our Bear Club selections.

Join Our Bear Making Club (Item #BMC) -You will receive a fat quarter of mohair shipped to you automatically every 4 - 6 weeks.

Your credit card will be charged automatically for each mohair shipment and you will receive a discount of 15% -25% on the mohair because we buy as a group and get a volume discount.

We pick premium furs so you know they will be wonderful! Debra picks all of the furs and they are all great bear colours - honey, tan, gold, brown, butter - no primarys or pastels.

We also extend a 10% discount to our bear club members on all of your bear making notions, disks, eyes and exact shipping rates , no handling.

You can cancel your membership at any time and satisfaction is guaranteed.
Price:  Canadian FREE  

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