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Bobbin Holder Ring

The Bobbin Holder Rings hold over 20 metal or plastic bobbins of most different sizes. Flexible plastic expands to receive the bobbin and promptly snugs up around it, theads won't tangle or unwind.

Screw Driver Set

The Hot Hemmer - mitered corners, no problem. Click through to see the video on how to use it.

LED Needle Threader

Fusible Knit Stay Tape - the 1 inch wide has just been added. Fuse this to knits so they don't pucker when you stitch.

The Ultimate Denim/Jean Combo Click through to see the vidoe on how to use the Jean-a-ma-jig.

The Ultimate Knit/Stretch Needle Set

Ultimate Iron Off Marking Pencil - perfect for marking on dark fabrics and it irons away.

Fusible Knit and Woven Stay Tapes

Daisies and Lace Style Scarf

SimFlex Expanding Sewing Gauge Place, expand, measure and sew perfect buttonholes.

Dritz Ezy-Hem

Bernina Low Adaptors - this adaptor turns your machine into a Low Shank machine.You can then use generic low shank feet. Yes, that means you don't need to spend $$$ on brand name feet.

The Lace Scarfs, lots of colours to choose from and only $12.99 each

I Adore My Ruffler, Learn How To Use The Old Fashioned Ruffler Attachment (Item # IAMR)

Frixion Fine Gel Pen Set (6) Pens

Frixion Fine Gel Pen -the marking lines iron right off.

Third Hand With Clamp - I love to use this when I have to rip out a seam, it holds the fabric taut.

Swiss Lace Edgings - Two pages of new trims! See Page 4 and Page 5

White Pink

Imperial Batiste Blend 60" Wide - Made in USA - the best quality batiste blend on the market.

The Essential Foot Pack - Deb's favourite feet.

New Sewing Machine Feet - at affordable prices!
Medium Sized Entredeux Blue
New Regular Entredeux

Learn To Sew With Your Feet By Debra Justice - Learn how to use the feet that came with your machine. Inspired by Deb's best selling seminar you'll learn about the many feet that came with your machine and others that you will want to put on your wish list.

The Ruffler Attachment and The Flower Stitch Foot

We have just set up a new page with really wonderful WIDE Swiss Embroidered Edges. They range from 3" - 10"

Invisible Zipper Foot - By the people who make invisible zippers!

LadyBug Cutter - attach to your sewing machine or serger for quick thread cutting.

Double Faced Silk Satin Ribbon in Colours!

Beautiful Swiss Embroideries, Edging, Insertions and Beading - the problem is choosing! We've just added about 100 trims!
Visit the new Labours Of Love General Mercantile, you'll find lots of new notions and tools, like a light for your rotary cutter, a handy pin wand, glow pins, the best seam rippers ever, iron cleaning sheets and more. See the "glow tape" for you rulers, super sized pincushions, and large print measuring tapes! Neat, inexpensive notions that save time and money!

The Heirloom Pillow Pattern This is the pattern that was featured in Sew News a few years ago and people still ask us about it. It's also the original pattern I designed when I started to teach heirloom sewing classes. So we've decided to add it to our regular stock so it's available to everyone.

   Debra's Heirloom Sewing DVD's, at an introductory price!

Mother of Pearl Buttons - in different styles and sizes for your heirloom and smocked garments.

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