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Sewing Machine Notions

Labours Of Love Sewing Supplies

Thread Nets - 12 pack (Item #THN)

Nets to go over cones of thread. Cut them in half or in thirds to fit smaller spools to prevent your threads from unraveling. Approximately 6 inches long. 12/pkg.

Price:  Canadian $4.95 

Bobbin Holder Ring (Item #BHR)

The Bobbin Holder Rings hold over 20 metal or plastic bobbins of most different sizes. Flexible plastic expands to receive the bobbin and promptly snugs up around it, theads won't tangle or unwind.

Price:  Canadian $8.99 

Lady Bug Cutter (Item #LBTC)

Attach to your sewing machine or serger for a quick thread cutting. Attaches to your sewing machine or serger. At the end of your seam, simply pull thread up and into the ladybug cutter to cut. Peel off liner and apply to machine. You can reposition cutter up to 24 hours. After 24 hours, the cutter will be permanently adhered to surface.

Price:  Canadian $6.25 

Handi-Bobs (Item #HB) 18 Pack

Keep your bobbin with the corresponding thread. They're cheap and they're good! They expand to fit standard bobbins, and they snap onto regular spools like Coats, Guterman and Madeira. Package of 18 handibobs.

Price:  Canadian $5.85 

Screw Driver Set (Item #SDS)

A high quality, handy set of screw drivers for right beside your machine.

Price:  Canadian $5.25 

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