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The Pleater Manual (Item # Pleater Manual)

A must have for anyone with a pleater. This is the definitive "generic" guide to operating a smocking pleater and working with pleated fabric. Saran Douglas is an expert on smocking and pleating and gives you a wealth of useful information about pleating and working with pleated fabric. It covers the basics as well as advanced subjects like pleating on the bias and even curves. Included is a glossary of terms, pleating directions for all types of fabrics and pleater maintenance instructions. The layout of the book is set up in lesson plans on every type of pleating, exotic or regular - so you'll know your stuff when you've worked you way through! She compiled alot of information, it's well researched and it shows. I can easily recommend this book as a must have in every smockers library. Soft cover, spiral bound.

Item: The Pleater Manual ... By Sarah Douglas

Price:  Canadian $29.95 

Various Pleater Replacement Needles - all done by special order. Add about a week to the order shipping.

Amanda Jane Replacement Needles (Item # AJRN)
Replacement needles for your 16 or 24 row pleater. 12 needles per package. ( For those of you that have a Salley Stanley pleater and are desperate for needles these have been working just fine).

Price:  Canadian $39.20

Read 16 Row, Replacement Needles (Item # ReadNeedle16)
Replacement needles for your 16 row Read pleater. 12 needles per package.
Price:  Canadian $38.75

Read 24 / 32 Row, Replacement Needles (Item # ReadNeedles24/32)
Replacement needles for your 24 or 32 row Read pleater. 12 needles per package.

Price:  Canadian $38.75

Sally Stanley , Replacement Needles "General Purpose" (Item # SalleyStanley)
Replacement needles for your Salley Stanley pleater. 12 needles per package.

Price:  Canadian $38.75

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