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Basic Sewing Tools

Labours Of Love Sewing Supplies


Deluxe Vintage Style Fine Brass Seam Ripper (Item #BSR) Back in Stock!

A lovely Deluxe Vintage Style seam ripper made of polished and lacquered brass. This seam ripper has a red plastic ball on the shorter arm to help keep the fabric out of the way and fingers safe. When ripping a seam allownace apart, the reb ball on the ripper goes to the underside as shown. Lovely to own and the perfect thoughful gift to a special sewing friend. 5 1/4 x 1/4 inch. See how to use a seam ripper correctly on our blog here.

Price:  Canadian $21.39

Deluxe Ergonomic Clover Seam Ripper (Item #CSR)

For easily removing and cutting threads on seams and button holes. Make with a steel tip, and has a resin ergonomic handle and non-slip tread for easy handling. It comes with a protective sheath.

Price:  Canadian $5.45 

Trolley Needle - a mulit purpose tool (Item #TTN)

Slide the trolley needle onto the underside of your pointer finger, and snug to fit around your finger. Use it instead of a seam ripper when pushing fabric or trims under your presser foot - and still have your hand free to help. Use it while pressing to hold fabic into place. It goes without saying it's a must have if you ever use a glue gun - no more burnt fingers. A multitude of uses.

Price:  Canadian $11.25 

Lickity Grip (Item #LG)

Licks your fingers so you don't have to. The best product over for "rolling" seam allowances out. For sewing, piecing, machine and hand quilting, scrapbooking, rotary cutting, needle arts, and other handcrafts. Adds control, speed, accuracy, safety and reduces hand fatigue.

Price:  Canadian $8.65 

Third Hand with Clamp (Item #THWC)

The third hand clamp will securely hold one end of your work while you hold the other end when embroidering, seam ripping, gathering ruffles, darning and more. The more you pull, the tighter it pinches and hold the fabric.

Price:  Canadian $18.20 

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