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Rotary Cutting And Accessories

Labours Of Love Sewing Supplies

Fiskars 8" x 8" Rotating Cutting Mat (Item #FCM)

This 8" x 8" mat fits into your project tote and rotates to help you cut and trim fabric at easier angles. It's self healing and provides a cutting surface that lasts longer than others. Easy to read measuring grid makes accurate measurements a snap. 30, 45 and 60 degree bias lines make creating triangle and star shapes easy. This is the perfect mat for quickly and conveniently cutting out fabric for hexies.

Price:  Canadian $21.25 

Cutting Mat Cleaner (Item #CMC)

Prolong the life of your cutting mat by removing lint and fibers from batting, flannel, fleece and other soft materials. As you brush the cleaner across the cutting mat, imbedded fibers, thread and "fluff", are being pulled out of the crevasses allowing your “self healing” mats to self heal. Just clean under cold water and reuse.

Price:  Canadian $6.99 

Glow Line Tape (Item #HTMG)

Glow-Line transparent, fluorescent tape makes the right line easy to find...especially when doing repetitive rotary cutting. Simply apply this tape to the back of your ruler, over the desired measurement. Position the highlighted area over your fabric and cut, position and cut, position and cut. No more trying to align fine lines or worrying you're going to cut the wrong width. When you’re done, just pull the low tack tape from your ruler—it won’t leave any sticky residue. Includes three colors: pink, yellow, and orange. Each roll measures 1/4" x 7 yards.

Price:  Canadian $5.99 

Clear Fabric Grabbers (Item #CFG)

These transparent dots with adhesive backing make acrylic tools and rulers non-slip. A dot on the corners of your rulers & templates will prevent slipping when marking or using rotary cutters. When slight pressure is applied your measuring rulers or templates grip your fabric making your measuring or cutting much easier and more accurate. 25 dots per package.

Price:  Canadian $4.95

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