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Cotton Batiste

Labours Of Love Heirloom Sewing Supplies

A fine 100% cotton batiste is considered to be "the" traditional choice for Heirloom Sewing. Yes, it wrinkles, and that's simply part of it's appeal. The greatest rewards in purchasing quality fabrics are in it's long life and ease of sewing! Our fabrics reflect the best quality and affordability for our customers to create heirlooms that will be cherished for years to come.

Imperial Batiste Blend 60" Wide - Made in USA - the best quality batiste blend on the market. (Item # IBWI)

White Pink

There are less expensive, less desireable qualities of batiste on the market. We only sell the best and this is a delicate blended batiste that is wash and wear and is lovley for both smocking and heirloom sewing. A good all purpose fabric you'll love. (Specify White or Pink) Made In The USA, Permanent Press, 60" Wide / 65% Polyester - 35% Combed Cotton, Regular $11.50 yd. See our matching "ready to sew" Baby Piping here and our matching white silk ribbons here.


 Canadian $11.50 yd. 


Batiste - Imported Swiss Medium Quality - the perfect choice for a perfect balance of quality and price. (Item #SBP)

White Pink Yellow


Out of Stock


A Swiss quality at a nice price! This is a really great batiste that is lovely for any project you might want to use it for. A very nice choice for just about anything from nighties to bonnets and it's exactly what you have come to expect from a fine imported batiste. It's nice and soft with a satin finish and slighly translucent but not too revealing. I use it all the time and just love it. (Specify White, Pink, Yellow Seafoam or Lavender) Made in Switzerland, Machine Washable, 44/45" Wide / 100% Pima Cotton.

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 Canadian $12.75 yd.


Batiste - Imported Swiss Top Quality "Nelona" - the special occasion fabric. (Item #SBN)

White Blue

A Swiss batiste know as "Nelona" the cream of the crop quality for very special projects. It's soft, light and has a lovely sheen. If you're making a keep sake, and want to pass the garment down - this is the fabric you should be using. Buy the best you can afford when making these special items. White or blue. Made in Switzerland, Machine Washable, 44/45" Wide / 100% Pima Cotton.

See our matching silk ribbons here.

Price:  Canadian $29.95 yd. 


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