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Coffee Dye Recipe For Lace and Trims

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To get perfectly matched ecru laces, trims and ribbons you can "dip" them into a simple coffee mixture. We don't use tea because it's a little too golden - we want more of a brown hue. You can dip a completed garment that has been sewn in white or dip the laces and trims prior to construction. Either way the effect is much nicer than having different shades of ecru throughout your project.

The Recipe

1 cup regular or instant coffee, warm or cold
2 tablespoons of Vinegar


1.) Wet your laces and trims throughly in water.
2.) Dip into the coffee mixture for 15 - 20 seconds or until the lace takes on the shade you like.
3.) Rinse in cold water to set the colour.
4.) Repeat step 2 and 3 if you want a darker shade.
5.) Air dry (I drape the lace around the kitchen on my cupboard knobs) and press lightly.
6.) Use as normal, lightly spray starching as you sew.

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