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This is a Weekend Sale, it starts now and ends Sunday January 21.

You must order from this page for these special prices.

The Flower Stitch Foot - Low Shank (Item #FSF) See a sample here.

Attach to your presser bar and needle clamp to make circles, flowers, and eyelets that match up perfectly, without using a hoop! The foam ring on the bottom of the foot grips the fabric to allow even stitching around the eyelet. Expand flower designs by adjusting the needle position and/or using different decorative zigzag stitches. You can use a regular or twin needle for different effects. Creates circles up to 7/8" diameter. Regular $17.65, Sale 20% off $14.10.


 Canadian $14.10 

Sewline-Water Soluble Fabric Glue Pen With Refill (Item #SLGP)

Perfect for your fabric projects! Quick, convenient and effective way to hold fabrics for sewing. Easier than pins. This package contains one 5-1/2 inch fabric glue pen and one refill. The blue glue dries clear. Regular $10.60, Sale 20% off $8.48.

Price:  Canadian $8.48 

Ultimate Iron Off Marking Pencil - White (Item #UMPW2)

This white pencil is ideal on darker fabrics! Marks disappear with an iron and it sharpens with a crayon or eye make up sharpener. It's 6" long, by 3/8" diameter. It comes in a handy closeable clear tube. Regular $7.49, Sale 20% off $5.99.

Price:  Canadian $5.99

SimFlex Expanding Sewing Gauge (Item #SF2)

Quick and easy to use. Simply lay it over your garment and expand it to the desired length for perfectly measured equal distances and accurate spacing from 3/8" to 3 3/8". Ideal for perfectly spacing buttons, hook and eyes, drapery pleats, dress pleats, and tucks. The best part is no measuring. Place, expand and mark. Regular $26.49, Sale 20% off $21.20.

Price:  Canadian $21.20 

Thread Nets - 12 pack (Item #THN)

Nets to go over cones of thread. Cut them in half or in thirds to fit smaller spools to prevent your threads from unraveling. Approximately 6 inches long. 12/pkg. Regular $4.95, Sale 20% off $3.96.

Price:  Canadian $3.96 

The NeedlePack, A Caddy for Machine Needles (Item #NPS) This item is in limited supply and has been replace by the supplier with a fabric version that we do not think is a good. If you want this one before they are gone and we can't get them anymore, now is the time.

We love this organizer! It's handy thumb tacked right in front of the machine on a bulletin board (shown). Sort and store machine needles with this compact caddy with snap closure for new, used, and in use machine needles. Sort up to 108 used needles by type and size, store up to 12 new needle packs, and tag needles in use. Customize your NeedlePack by identifying single needles in the additional write-in spaces. Closed measurements 5-3/4" x 4-5/8"; open measurements 5-3/4" x 12". Includes 5 needles. Finally a solution of those of us who change their needle constantly from one type of fabric to another and then don't know what's used and what's not. Regular $29.35, Sale 20% off $22.00.

Price:  Canadian $22.00 

Handi-Bobs (Item #HB) 18 Pack

Keep your bobbin with the corresponding thread. They're cheap and they're good! They expand to fit standard bobbins, and they snap onto regular spools like Coats, Guterman and Madeira. Package of 18 handibobs. Regular $5.85, Sale 20% off $4.65.

Price:  Canadian $4.65 

Cutting Mat Cleaner (Item #CMC2)

Prolong the life of your cutting mat by removing lint and fibers from batting, flannel, fleece and other soft materials. As you brush the cleaner across the cutting mat, imbedded fibers, thread and "fluff", are being pulled out of the crevasses allowing your “self healing” mats to self heal. Just clean under cold water and reuse. Regular $6.99, Sale 20% off $5.59.

Price:  Canadian $5.59 

The Third Hand with Clamp (Item #THWC2)

The third hand clamp will securely hold one end of your work while you hold the other end when embroidering, seam ripping, gathering ruffles, darning and more. The harder you pull the tighter it grips! Regular $18.20, Sale 20% off $14.55.

Price:  Canadian 14.55 

The Lady Bug Thread Cutter (Item #LBTC)

Attach to your sewing machine or serger for a quick thread cutting. Attaches to your sewing machine or serger. At the end of your seam, simply pull thread up and into the ladybug cutter to cut. Peel off liner and apply to machine. You can reposition cutter up to 24 hours. After 24 hours, the cutter will be permanently adhered to surface. Regular $6.25, Sale 20% off $5.00.

Price:  Canadian $5.00 

The Ultimate Denim/Jean Combo (Item #JDC) See the How To Video Here!

Get everything you need at the same time and save. One spool of the Gutermann Premium quality thread, one package of Schmetz Jeans / Denim needles and the Jean-a-ma-jig. Regular $16.45, Sale 20% off $13.15.


 Canadian $13.15 

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