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Debra Justice is an internationally known key note speaker, author, educator and contributor to SEW NEWS Magazine.

Her books include Modern Machine Techniques, Learn to Sew With Your Feet and I Adore My Ruffler along with several DVD's and patterns.

She is known for her beautiful step-by-step presentations and will share her tried and true techniqes, that you will use over and over again in your daily sewing life.

Her focus will be on useful, practical information on presser feet, needles and techniques used as a foundation for our everyday sewing. There is always more to learn.

All of the lessons are "generic" in nature so they appeal to all brands of machines and all levels of Sewists.

You will receive video's just like these embedded right into your lessons.

The Program is $34.99

This price includes the BONUS Welcome Class and all 24 Lessons (Video Links and PDF Download Books)

Here's how it works...

You will receive your Bonus Class on Sewing Machine Feet Basics when your membership is processed. The very next day you will receive Lesson #1 - The Hemmer.

In 15 days you will receive Lesson #2 - The Invisible Zipper Foot, in another 15 days Lesson #3 - How To's Bias Tape, in another 15 days Lesson #4 Mastering French Seams, Lesson #5 The Wing Needle, Lesson #6 No Tail Darts, Lesson #7 The Twin Needle Part 1, Lesson #8 Twin Needle Part 2, Lesson #9 The Fine Rolled Edge, Lesson #10 The Perfect Zipper, Lesson #11 The Triple Needle, Lesson #12 Making And Applying Piping, Lesson #13 The Darning Foot, Lesson #14 The Double Wing Needle, Lesson #15 Heirloom Sewing 101, Lesson #16 How To Print On Fabric, Lesson #17 The Ruffler Attachment, Lesson #18 The Double Eye Needle, Lesson #19 Under Stitching, Lesson #20 Laminating Fabric, Lesson #21 Shirring & Elastic Thread, Lesson #22 The Button Sew On Foot, Lesson #23 Finishing Delicate Edges and Lesson #24 Sewing Room Makeover.

The lessons will continure to be delivered every 15 days until you have received all 24 lessons.

Lessons will have a link to the Video and another link to a PDF file in Drop Box to save as your notes.

You can watch the lessons whenever you want as many times as you want - you will have the links to save the YouTube Address and PDF Files, they don't expire.

Join Today, you'll be learning by tomorrow.

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Sewing Lessons By Email Membership And Bonus Welcome Class (Item #SLBE2) Lessons #1 - 24.

Price:  Canadian $34.99 

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RENEW Sewing Lessons By Email Membership And Bonus Sewing With Knits Class (Item #SLRW2) Lessons #25 - #48

This set incudes Lesson #25 - How To Copy A T-Shirt, Lesson #26 - Flat Felled Seam, Lesson #27 - Rick Rack, Lesson #28 - The Ruffler Attachment Part 2, Lesson #29 - Sewing Machine Shopping, Lesson #30 - Fabric Covered Buttons, Lesson #31 - Mitered Lace Corners, Lesson #32 - The Roller Foot, Lesson #33 - Joining Lace, Lesson #34 - Sewing Burlap, Lesson #35 - The Fringe Foot, Lesson #36 - The Braiding Foot, Lesson #37 - Vintage Tucker, Lesson #38 - Reverse Applique, Lesson #39 - Flower Stitch Foot, Lesson #40 - Introduction to Hexies, Lesson #41 - Hexies By Machine, Lesson #42 - The Quick Quilt, Lesson #43 - Vintage Adjustable Hemmer, Lesson #44 Lace Shaping, Lesson #45 Attaching Lace Appliques, Lesson #46 Attaching Pearls By Machine, Lesson #47 Battenberg Lace By Machine and #48 Real Fur Heirloom Teddy Bears.

Price:  Canadian $34.99 

Enter Number 1 :

When you "Check Out" select "Sewing Lesson Membership" in the drop down box for FREE shipping.

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Enter their name and email in the "if different than billing address" box as show below at check out.

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